Polished aluminum cylinder 3 Gallon (approximately 11.35 liters). Used to store the compressed air generated by the compressors that fill the air pockets to lift your vehicle. The polished aluminum cylinder has a prominent appearance and requires little maintenance.

It has 2x 1/4 "connections, 2x 3/8" connections and 1x 1/2 "connection on the body, its working pressure is up to 200 psi.


Durable, modern, lightweight, soft finishing and corrosion resistant, that’s how we can describe our HKI AT3-AP aluminum tanks.


The design it’s made for being symmetrical and likely, fitting perfectly in any place compatible. 


Chosen the Polished Aluminium finishing bring a modern and atemporal aesthetic concept for the car. It combine totally with Softline or Hardline complement option, independent of the color.


Our propose it’s bring into your car more than an simple Air Tank, we want to bring you the most technological and modern Air Tank, the HKI AT3-AP. 



The payment of duties and taxes are responsibility of the receiver (on the international shippings, all countries excluding USA)

Polished Aluminum Air Tank (3 Gallon)

  • Size: 3 gallon = 10,4 L (Volume)

    Material: Aluminium

    Finishing: Polished

    Color: Plate 

    Max. Pressure: 200psi

    Port Size: 1/4” NPT