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When we develop the HKI BT-8F our first objective was integrate mobile cutting-edge technology with wheel by wheel full control.


With that objective in mind our first step was get the most advanced and sensitive gears of the market, elevating the precision of air system level, allowing the system to perform a dynamic reading and not only use the same pressure for each wheel but also combining angles and numerical variations making it precise and accurate to have an automatic adjustment every time the car stops, leveling the suspension regardless of the load placed, so when you stop your car and you add/remove some weight on the car (person or cargo) and unleveled the height, all you have to do it’s wait 5 seconds and the system will correct itself automatically, all plug and play with our manifold.


But for all that hardware system works with the precision that we decided, an smartphone app was created from zero (iOS or Android) with a software able to do more than a fast response, we made it instantaneously. It gives the possibility to control each wheel of the car separately and displays all pressures of the system into the app.


And the ultimate function it’s that you can pre-set 5 options of height, 3 defined according your preference and 2 adjusted with minimum and maximum on your preference. Everything on the palm of your hand simply and intuitive. But we also provide without any extra cost two Wired Controls for backup, one controlling the front and the back and the other have 3 presets options and the auto adjustment.


We call it HKI BT-8F but some may call magic.


Bring the action!

Management System

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