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Kit consisting of:
- 2x Universal Sleeve Air Bag - Enclosed
- 1x 4 Corner Valve Manifold

Below you can check the description of each item separately.




The best cost x benefit allying comfort, the nice thing it’s that HKI PSL can be used normally in any kind of lightweight car (2ton), and sometimes can still be used with the original shock absorber.

With a handmade finishing and details thanked since the composition of the material and size of each item, our HKI PSL has been tested to bring efficiency and softness bounce at the road, bringing to the driver an unique experience while driving.




One. Solid. Block.


Our V8-200 is manufactured with premium aluminum alloy, bringing durability and quality. Our objective with this unity is to provide the maximum efficiency and command response. And we did it!


The Solenoid is literally the heart of the air valve system. It controls the system air flow that enters amd the the air that is exhausted from the system. So every time you command the air system to raise or lower, the system will respond perfectly with any of the 8 valves that enable the individual corners, also, the various selection of colors add sophistication and premium quality to an already highly engineered product.


When you combine the best material with a system that works flawlessly, the result can only be one thing: exceeded expectations.

2x Universal Sleeve Air Bag - Enclosed + 4 Corner Valve Manifold

  • Special development Ultra Low - Gum bag that lowers like straight bag

    Minimum bag height 6cm

    Bag specially developed to bring maximum comfort

    20cm of total travel

    Maximum working pressure: 200psi

    Unit load index up to 550kg

  • Maximum Pressure: 200psi

    Type: 4-Corner

    Working Voltage: 10.5-16 Volts

    Fitting Size: 1/4” and 1/8”(gauge port)

    Inlet Ports: 2

    Exhaust Ports: 2