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Kit consisting of:
- 2x Premium HKI AIR 444 Air Compressor
- 1x 4 Corner Valve Manifold

Below you can check the description of each item separately.






A new concept in air compressor, now with the HKI PREMIUM compressor you have efficiency and agility in a single product. Operating at 12V voltage, it is connected to your compressor using the car battery.


Compressor is an essential component for an air suspension kit. It fills the reservoir with compressed air that is used to inflate each air bag in the vehicle. There are 2 main models of HKI electric compressors differentiating by their power, size and noise.


Premium 444 a truly-rated continuous duty, 12-volt, 200 PSI compressor. It’s capable of filling a 5.0 gallon tank from 165psi to 200psi in 3 1/2 minutes consistently.

The quality of the compressor will be fundamental to make all the components of the Air Suspension works properly, and you can reach this level of consistente with our Premium 444 HKI.

By the way, it’s more compact, silent and stable quality. Be sure that you use the best, be sure that you use HKI. Bring it on! 


- Electric motors with direct drive (without gearbox)

- High performance piston rings and heat head reinforcement

- Performance-oriented compressor design and head heat dissipation

- High performance air filters (10 micron filtration)

- Pressed hose with stainless steel mesh

- High performance check valve

- Feet reinforced with vibration insulators

- Designed to work without oil, maintenance free (except air filter inspection)




One. Solid. Block.


Our V8-200 is manufactured with premium aluminum alloy, bringing durability and quality. Our objective with this unity is to provide the maximum efficiency and command response. And we did it!


The Solenoid is literally the heart of the air valve system. It controls the system air flow that enters amd the the air that is exhausted from the system. So every time you command the air system to raise or lower, the system will respond perfectly with any of the 8 valves that enable the individual corners, also, the various selection of colors add sophistication and premium quality to an already highly engineered product.


When you combine the best material with a system that works flawlessly, the result can only be one thing: exceeded expectations.

2x Premium HKI AIR 444 Air Compressor + 4 Corner Valve Manifold

  • Piston cylinder with anodized finish increasing durability

    Maximum operating temperature 158 ° F or 70 ° C | Minimum operating temperature -40 ° F / C

    Sealed electrical connections when entering the engine

    Thermal protection against electrical overload to protect the compressor in case of overheating

  • Maximum Pressure: 200psi

    Type: 4-Corner

    Working Voltage: 10.5-16 Volts

    Fitting Size: 1/4” and 1/8”(gauge port)

    Inlet Ports: 2

    Exhaust Ports: 2