Through innovation and quality, HKI Air Suspension develops products with performance combined with comfort and requirements. Constant investments in the search for improvements in all directions, from the wear of the product to the same in informative manuals.


We are present directly in 4 countries and indirectly (resellers and exports) in more than 15 countries. With selected branches in Brazil, Argentina, Mexico and Headquarters in the United States (USA). We have participations in several fairs, both local (Brazil) and international fairs such as Sema Show (consecutive years), Automatics and others.


Our team is trained and qualified to serve resellers and consumers. We are a unique company in the industry that really cares about sales ideals and policies, for those who really partner with profitability and pride in working with us. Resellers, activation or registration of a website in the "Be a representative" area, where you can analyze the possibilities and understand our review policies and plans.


Above all, we seek that our customers have a new concept of experience with HKI automotive products.